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LangHong is ambitious in building quality residences

Longyuan Grand Park

Longyuan Grand Park Residencies situated in the city center of LongGang. LongGang is a key part of the municipal urban renew project in GangGe village, YangMei. Covering a total land area of 430,000m2 with a building land area 247,000m2, a building construction area of 1,160,000m2and including a residential area of 915,000m2, a commercial area of 142,500m2, office area of 56,000m2, apartment area of 20,000m2 and public facility area of 25,000m2. The goal is to accommodate and entertain one million people. It will assist the realization of the dream of ‘one residence one life and one life one residence’ by providing quality facilities and services of residing, ecological value, cultural experience, education, sports, shopping, office and tourism.


Be young, be ambitious, be valuable

LongYuan School, affiliation of the Central China Normal University

The goal is to create a modern and internationalized education system that enhances the residential project on an important strategic level. We have collaborated with the high-profile Central China Normal University to establish this school. This school is a driving force to develop the education system of LongGang district. LongYuan School will open as a public school in September 2019, with 72 classes and 9 grades.

This primary and intermediate school covers an area of 315,000m2with a building land area of 524,000m2. The advanced education resources from the Central China Normal University have brought together a top quality management team with a high-profile principal and teaching staff. To guarantee the quality of education, a budget of RMB20 millions has been assigned, including scholarships totaling RMB10,000,000 for ten years with 1/10 allocated each year, teaching talents payment RMB5,000,000 and best teaching awards RMB5,000,000. The school pays the Principal and Deputy Principal who are appointed by the Central China Normal University, and also provides residences for teachers.

LongYuan Kindergarten

A professional managerial team and quality teachers providequality education for the kindergarten. The Kindergarten carefully selects appropriate education methodology and resources to create a great environment that develops an interest in study and helps students reach their maximum potential.


To inherit LongGang historical culture and revitalize MeiGangShiJu

MeiGang in 1778

MeiGangShiJu, with a land area of 10,000m2, was built in 1778 under the directive of Emperor Qianlong and has been the Lai’s family temple for over 200 years. LongGang District government has awarded it as a non-movable cultural relic. With the mission of promoting Hakka culture, our project not only protects this heritage but revitalizes it with modern elements. We preserve the existing natural resources, build up ancient style residences, and maintain Hakka history and culture. All these efforts have created a combination of Hakka historical culture and modern city culture, a reflection of village landscape within a city, a revitalization of traditions, and a new city landmark.

Estate management

Customers are priorities

services are essential

LangHong Estate Management

LangHong•LeHua Estate Management applies a HongKong style management focusing on quality services. This integrates cultural construction into estate management to provide sincere, efficient, fine and diversified services. We care about each customer and focus on details. Providing 7/24 customer-friendly services, we create wellbeing for our residents by enriching our cultural activities. We insist on the motto of be united, be efficient, be innovative and be devoted. We are setting up a quality platform for happiness and a home with households and culture.

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